About Us – What Exactly Are Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a new way to “smoke” in a healthier way. They are really made up of a hollow tube with a cartridge of glycol liquid inside that is atomized into a vapor. The vapor is inhaled, just like smoke, but is literally harmless.

The vapor can be combined with different flavors, or even different strengths of nicotine, and many people have used these devices to cut down, or quit smoking and have had great success with that technique.

When you consider all of the health hazards that come with the smoking of real, tobacco based cigarettes, electronic, or e cigarettes are a novel way to continue to ‘smoke.’

Since coming onto the market in force, roughly in 2009, the product has taken the marketplace by storm. Sales have skyrocketed from around 60,000 in that year to an expected 5 to 10 million currently this year. They now come in all kinds of different shapes, colors and styles and have become very stylish and in vogue.

The electronic cigarette boom has reached such proportions currently that the large tobacco company of Lolliard just recently purchased Blu Cigs, one of the initial ecigarette companies. You know that ecigarettes are making an impact when big tobacco is serious about marketing the product.

Using the ecigarette devices gives the user all of the bells and the whistles of actual smoking, including all of the psychological triggers that smokers have. Studies have shown that these triggers are almost just as important to smokers as the actual addiction of the cigarettes. Smoking after meals, smoking socially, and all of the little routines that develop with smokers are all intact with the users of the e cigarettes. It will be interesting to see how the electronic cigarette market develops from this point.